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Welcome to our support section for the ERA. Within this section of the website are the system requirements, several guides, a FAQ and a helpfile to assist with any problems.

System Requirements

Windows XP or greater (including Windows 7) both 32bit and 64bit versions
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or greater (including Express versions)
Pentium III 1Ghz processor or better
At least 256MB RAM


Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ


Included as part of the ERA package but you can also download the latest version here: ERA Helpfile.

Please note that due to the security features of Windows you will need to save this file to your computer and then unblock it to be able to access it. To unblock the file simply right-click on it within Windows, select Properties from the menu and click on the button labelled Unblock.


Listed below are the technical guides currently available:

Contacting us with a problem

If you encounter any problems with installing, configuring or using the ERA and cannot find the solution within our support webpages, FAQ or helpfile then please email us at develop @ Please ensure that you provide us with all relevant details regarding the error or problem to aid us in responding promptly with a solution. These details should include:

  • Your name and your company
  • Your phone number, email address and any other contact details
  • The current version of ERA server and client that you are using
  • The operating system and specifications of the ERA server machine
  • The operating system and specifications of the ERA client machine
  • Full details of any error message shown

Commander Software offer full support for all our products. If you have a query or problem not regarding the ERA please visit the main CSL site at

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