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The Interface

ERA screenshot 1

The ERA is designed with the user in mind to create a straight-forward and simple interface. This makes the ERA intuitive and easy to use even for someone who has no experience with time and billings management software.

The ERA is operated simply by clicking buttons or selecting from menus and will be instantly familiar to anyone who has experience with Windows programs. This means that the ERA can be installed without having to devote days, or even weeks, to staff training that is often involed when introducing a new product. Whether you are entering a timesheet or viewing job transactions, it can all be learnt in minutes!

ERA screenshot 2

ERA display grids

Information is displayed in the ERA's clear and precise display grids which are fully customisable by the user. By adding or removing column headers from the grid you can have as much or as little data on screen as suits. The data can then be filtered, grouped and/or sorted in almost any way so you can see only the information you want to see on screen.

ERA screenshot 3


For example, in the above screenshot the display grid has been customised to show jobs grouped by employee and then by a sub code. This customisation can then be saved and stored in the user's ERA profile so that the data will be displayed in the same manner the next time the client program is run. This allows each user to personalise their copy of the ERA, having the data set out exactly as they like it, tailored to their specific usage.

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