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Compatible with Windows 7
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Click on the link below to download the latest demo version of the ERA. This is a fully functioning version of the client program that connects to our web server to access a complete set of fictitious 'dummy data'. All features of the ERA are unlocked and usable to give you a full control over the data and get an idea of just what the ERA can do for your business. The trial version is also set up with administrator permissions so you can add and edit employees, jobs, currencies and any other data type*. The trial version is currently available for an unlimited period so you can experiment with the ERA and it's features for as long as you like!

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Installation Instructions

Simply download the zip file to your machine and unzip the contents. First you will need to open the readme.txt file in a word editor to find out the login details for the ERA demo. Then you can run the demo by double clicking on the file named era.exe.

Please note that this ERA trial version requires an internet connection to be available on the machine running the trial. If you would like a stand-alone 30 day trial version that uses test data stored on your machine please email us at develop @ or call us on 01895 632000.

*The 'dummy data' on our web server will be periodically overwritten back to it's original form to preserve it for all users.

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